Friday, January 26, 2007

Sun is Shinning... Does it Haunt Me?

Sun is Shinning
The weather is sweet.
Makes me want to move
My dancing feet

To the rescue...
(Bob Marley, Kaya)

For the second time this week I am up before sunrise. My alarm clock? Big Ol' dissertation pressure. The oddest part of this stress train is the confusing dreams my subconscious makes me witness while I sleep. (Some weird stuff)

A waking weirdness, however, is the article about the guy who decided that the best way to keep his burning house from being completely destroyed was to add his own fire to the raging blaze. He went on to tell the newspaper that upon remembering advice from his high school debate team coach, he thought it was best to fight 'fire' with 'fire'. (Some weird stuff)

Some cool weirdness, the Gothic Archies theme song album for the A Series of Unfortunate Events audio books. (Check it [pic above], its some weird stuff)


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